Advocate, Educate, Train, Empower

Our health education and community outreach interventions are low-cost, high impact approaches that empower women to make informed choices about healthcare. Informed women are equipped with the ability to make healthy decisions, improving health outcomes for themselves and their families. We work with local partners to develop and facilitate successful educational outreach programs.


The Womancare Model

Magee Womancare International operates under Magee-Womens Hospital’s “Womancare” philosophy, which focuses on the unique attributes of each woman and places her at the center of the health care delivery system. This model strives to create a “hospital without walls” facilitated by MWI.

We accomplish this by:

our commitment to treat a woman with dignity, empower her through education, and bring comprehensive and appropriate care into communities;


integration of clinical, support and psychological services with an emphasis on wellness, illness/disease, prevention and education;


expanded access and convenience through provision of a variety of health services and educational programs;


partnerships with other healthcare providers for complimentary services to expand service access and eliminate duplication; and


provision of services in community locations with linkage to the Hospital’s clinical departments and medical staff for more specialized care.


Our Collaborative Approach

MWI collaborates with community stakeholders to develop solutions and programs that address pressing health care issues and disparities. We are dedicated to promoting safe, modern, dignified, and culturally appropriate health care for women and their families around the world.

MWI has networked with more than 30 women’s health education centers that offer programs in preventative health to more than 100,000 women and girls annually and supported centers by providing original educational health brochures, instructional videos, leadership training for health professionals, and a nonprofit management training curriculum. Locally, MWI focuses on programs and initiatives to serve minority, immigrant, refugee, and other under-served populations.


Programs and Initiatives

Magee Womancare International continues to support its mission by implementing several high-priority projects around the world and at home in Pittsburgh.


Programming Strategies

in-person and virtual international exchanges

educational community outreach

training community health educators

patient navigation

cultural competency training and consultation

coalition building

leadership and capacity building workshops and trainings