Women’s Health: Bladder and Pelvic Health

Bladder and pelvic health, or the field of urogynecology, is focused on improving the quality of life of women affected by pelvic floor disorders. These disorders occur when the nerves, muscles, and connective tissue of the pelvic floor are weakened. The damage can be caused by numerous factors, including childbirth, obesity, smoking, neurologic condition, and genetics.

Experts at the¬†Women’s Center for Bladder and Pelvic Health at Magee-Womens Hospital are dedicated to improving the quality of life for women with pelvic floor disorders, which can be embarrassing, disruptive, stressful, and limiting. The multidisciplinary center provides treatment for:

Researchers at Magee-Womens Research Institute are leading the world in the critical stud of pelvic floor disorders to develop innovative treatments that are safe, effective, and economical. Their research portfolio includes:

The focus of the research includes prevention, diagnosis and treatment of childbirth trauma, pelvic organ prolapse, and urinary and fecal incontinence. Members of the research team are contributing members of two National Institutes of Health clinical trials networks: The Urinary Incontinence Treatment Network (UITN) and the Pelvic Floor Disorders Network (PFDN).

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