Magee-Womens Research Institute (MWRI) is committed to providing an outstanding training environment and research experience in reproductive biology and development to graduate students from all Health Sciences Schools of the University of Pittsburgh.

In the intermingled environments of the University of Pittsburgh and the UPMC health system, MWRI graduate students have a unique opportunity to take part in the process of pursuing fundamental reproductive sciences research, and translating bench discoveries to the bedside in order to improve patient care.

In addition to focused laboratory research, outstanding coursework, and enriching classroom education, MWRI graduate students will participate in small group journal clubs as well as the weekly Work in Progress (WIP) seminar series. In these venues, students will learn to understand, present, and critique research from various biomedical disciplines. Graduate students will conduct research, analyze data, and assemble results for presentation in manuscripts and at national/international meetings. They will also have the opportunity to meet nationally and internationally renowned researchers who have influenced the fields of reproductive medicine and women’s and infants’ health.

MWRI Investigators are members of several programs within the University of Pittsburgh, including:


University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Interdisciplinary Biomedical Graduate Program (IBGP)

  • Yaacov Barak, PhD; J. Richard Chaillet, MD, PhD; Carolyn Coyne, PhD; Donald DeFranco, PhD; Sharon Hillier, PhD; Valerian Kagan, PhD; Adrian Lee, PhD; Carola Neumann, MD; Steffi Oestereich, PhD; Kyle Orwig, PhD; Tony Plant, PhD; Aleksander Rajkovic, MD, PhD; Yoel Sadovsky, MD; Abhiram Sahu, PhD; Gerald Schatten, PhD; William Walker, PhD; Judith Yanowitz, PhD; Mei Zhang, PhD

Integrative Systems Biology

  • Yaacov Barak, PhD; Adrian Lee, PhD; Kyle Orwig, PhD; Aleksander Rajkovic, MD, PhD; Yoel Sadovsky, MD


Graduate School of Public Health (GSPH)

Environmental and Occupational Health

  • Robin Gandley, PhD; Carl Hubel, PhD; Valerian Kagan, PhD


  • Lisa Bodnar, PhD; Janet Catov, PhD; Margaret Baldwin Conroy, PhD; Catherine Haggerty, PhD; Faina Linkov, PhD; James Roberts, MD

Human Genetics

  • Adrian Lee, PhD; Aleksander Rajkovic, MD, PhD; Urvashi Surti, PhD

Infectious Diseases and Microbiology

  • Charlene Dezzutti, PhD


School of Pharmacy

School of Pharmacy Graduate Programs

  • Lisa C. Rohan, PhD; Raman Venkataramanan, PhD


School of Engineering

School of Engineering Bioengineering Program

  • Steven Abramowitch, PhD; Pamela Moalli, MD, PhD; Sanjeev Shroff, PhD