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From maternity to women’s cancers to women’s health, philanthropic partners have a wide range of programs and funds that focus on advancing research, clinical care, and education.


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Breast Cancer Research & Education Fund

More than 600,000 new cases of women’s cancers are diagnosed nationwide each year, and nearly 250,000 women die from these cancers annually. Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer, striking one in eight women during her lifetime.

Magee’s work is transforming breast cancer from a deadly disease into one that is survivable and manageable, no matter a woman’s age at the time of diagnosis. Magee is designed to meet the many challenges of breast cancer–prevention, detection, treatment and the advancement of breast cancer research. With some of the highest breast cancer early detection and survival rates in the nation, Magee is a premier facility for any woman facing the life-threatening diagnosis of cancer.

At Magee, women have the opportunity to meet with a team of specialists in one location. Through collaborative efforts of the hospital and Magee-Womens Research Institute, we can ensure the success of this program. This multidisciplinary approach is just one of many innovative research developments happening at Magee that will impact the treatment of our breast cancer patients in the years to come.

Nicole Meloche Memorial Breast Cancer Fund

Metastatic breast cancer claims over 40,000 lives every year. Magee-Womens, in partnership with the Pittsburgh Penguin Alumni Association want to change that.

The Pittsburgh Penguin Alumni have created the Nicole Meloche Memorial Breast Cancer Fund in memory of one of their own, Nicole Meloche. She holds a special place in the hearts of the alumni and through their efforts they are funding a research project that will better understand the why and how of metastatic breast cancer.

Stanley-Cup-1991-editedNicole was 39 years old when she was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer in 1990. At the time, she and her husband, Gilles Meloche, former Pittsburgh Penguin, coach and then amateur scout for the Pens, lived in Montreal with their two young children, Eric and Annie. Nicole bravely fought her breast cancer and amazed her doctors when she went into remission. Nicole was a champion.

To those around her, she was the model of courage, perseverance and determination. Unfortunately the cancer metastasized and on November 18, 1993, she lost her gallant fight.

Nicole didn’t get to see her son grow up and play for the Pittsburgh Penguins, just like his father. She didn’t get to see her daughter mature into a beautiful woman, wife and mother. Nicole didn’t get to see her four grandchildren and see Gilles celebrate 30 years with the Pittsburgh Penguins as a player, coach and scout.

The Nicole Meloche Memorial Breast Cancer Fund will support metastatic breast cancer research at Magee-Womens Research Institute.

Dan Berger Cord Blood Program Fund

Cord blood is the blood left in the umbilical cord and placenta after birth, which are still rich in stem cells. As cord blood does not have to match a patient’s tissue type as closely as bone marrow does, it could potentially help more patients than bone marrow transplants in the fight against diseases such as leukemia and lymphoma.

Founded in 2007, the Dan Berger Cord Blood Program offers expectant parents three options to donate their baby’s cord blood: donating to a public bank, donating to research, or store in a private bank for the family’s use if needed. More than 7,000 units of cord blood stem cells have been collected since the fund began.

Enhanced Comfort Items for Babies

More than 10,000 babies are born every year at Magee, Pittsburgh’s premier “baby hospital,” and are given optimal care during their first weeks. Unfortunately, many of these babies face complications upon their entry into the world, and many have to endure lengthy hospital stays. Their parents often have to return to work and have to face the difficulty of parting with their newborn for long periods of time.

Enhanced comfort items can help calm babies in the absence of their parents. These items, such as diapers wipes, WubbaNubs (pacifiers attached to stuffed animals) or CD players to play soothing music, can comfort a baby during tough times. Your contribution to this fund can help ease a parent’s anxiety about leaving their child alone and comfort the youngest patients at Magee-Womens Hospital.

Greatest Needs Fund

The economy, medical research advances, and constant patient care updates, have a tremendous impact in the course of Magee’s mission. Unrestricted gifts are especially significant because they provide financial support where the need is most critical. When you make an unrestricted gift, you are giving us the opportunity to continue advancing our work without having to sacrifice a developing project or program.

Your gift may help to provide seed funding to help a beginning scientist test fresh and innovative research ideas or it may help purchase a piece of crucial equipment. You can be assured that your donation will be used to fund the priorities of providing excellent patient care and improving the health of women and infants everywhere.

Gynecologic Cancer Research & Education Fund

Nearly 500 women with gynecologic cancers are treated each year at Magee. As home to one of the largest national centers for the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of cancers in women, the physicians and researchers at Magee are working together to deliver great care and treatment for the many cancers afflicting women.

The Magee staff is working diligently to detect and develop cutting-edge methods to effectively treat gynecologic cancers. Although an early stage detection test for ovarian cancer does not currently exist, it can be achieved through the hard work and research conducted at hospitals like Magee. And because the research and treatment conducted here is shared internationally, your gift brings hope of a better tomorrow for women, not just locally, but across the globe.

High School/College Research Internship Programs Fund

Each summer, high school and college students actively participate in hypothesis-driven scientific research at Magee-Womens Research Institute. Under the guidance of scientist mentors, the students utilize state-of-the-art equipment to design experiments, test their hypothesis, and document their research before conducting a 10-minute presentation for their peers, faculty, and loved ones at the end of the research period. Participating students are able to see how the research selected and performed at Magee-Womens Research Institute translates into effective, advanced patient care at the hospital.

You can support the future of women’s health by giving to the internship fund. Your gift will help inspire the next generation of scientists who will lead the way of developing medical advancements.

Magee-Womens Research Institute Fund

Until recently, 90 percent of the nation’s medical research dollars were dedicated to trials focused on men’s health, dismissing the unique ways that symptoms, illnesses, and treatments manifest themselves in women. Magee-Womens Research Institute is committed to advancing knowledge in the field of reproductive biology and medicine, translating scientific discoveries into the improved health of women and their infants, and training future reproductive medicine scholars.

The research conducted at Magee-Womens Research Institute encompasses a woman’s entire life cycle from the development of cells and embryos, through pregnancy, menopause, and late life. The largest women’s health research facility in the country, MWRI stands as a beacon for women’s health research.

Neonatology Research & Education Fund

Each year, more than 1,600 critically ill and premature newborns pass through Magee’s doors. Magee’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) offers a constant reminder that miracles are possible in the hands of a highly trained team. The NICU marries ever-advancing technology with the tranquil atmosphere needed for babies to grow, families to bond, and specialists to provide the high-touch care that has been healing for generations.

Your gift will provide for the development and advancements to neonatal research, as well as providing for the state-of-the-art facility that helps provide care for hundreds of premature babies each year.

Patient Care Fund

Despite its impressive size and stature, Magee’s focus never strays from the unique attributes of each patient, always placing that person at the center of the health care they deserve. However, not all patients have full insurance coverage for everything they need to get well. Some of the things not covered by most insurance companies include wigs for patients undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments, emergency lodging for family members of patients, medications and much more.

The Patient Care Fund, which exists solely on individual philanthropy, puts patients at the center of care at Magee. With your help, we can provide patients with these much needed items and comfort them during their treatment period.

Sara Jean Binakonsky Memorial Fund

Established in the memory of Sara Jean (Jeanie) Binakonsky, the purpose of the fund is to provide Palliative Care Services for patients and their families who are facing life-threatening illnesses. The funds are used to create a supportive environment, including on-site resources such as educational materials for patients and their families, pastoral and/or palliative care volunteers, and bedside comfort therapy, such as music and massage therapy.

Young Investigators Fund

Most investigators cannot attract sufficient government funding until they have ‘proven’ themselves with successful tests, published results, and making presentations. The road to gaining sufficient research funds is long, and it can take many years before an investigator’s results are in consideration for funding. By funding young investigators through private donations, your gift will provide much needed resources allowing for the success of new research that will be essential leverage in seeking larger federal grants.

For more information about these funds, please contact Magee-Womens Foundation at 412-641-8977.