Beatrice A. Chen, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences University of Pittsburgh



Dr Chen is a member of the Center for Family Planning Research, where researchers perform clinical research trials related to the development of new contraceptive methods and other techniques. The field of family planning addresses the needs of women and men by helping to control if and when they desire to become pregnant. By helping individuals avoid unintended pregnancies, women who become pregnant can do so at a time when they are able to best maximize the changes of a happy and healthy pregnancy. The goal of developing new contraceptive techniques is to find safer, easier to use and more effective ways to prevent pregnancies. Much of the research the Center does has a significant impact on the use and availability of contraceptives in developing countries. The Center works to find contraceptives that can also prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, especially HIV.


Selected Publications

  • Chen BA, Panther L, Marzinke MA, Hendrix CW, Hoesley CJ, van der Straten A, Husnik MJ, Soto-Torres L, Nel A, Johnson S, Richardson-Harman N, Rabe LK, Dezzutti CS. Phase 1 safety, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics of dapivirine and maraviroc vaginal rings: a double-blind randomized trial. JAIDS. 2015 Nov 1;70(3): 242-9.
  • Chen BA, Reeves MF, Creinin MD, Schwarz EB. Postplacental or delayed levonorgestrel intrauterine device insertion and breastfeeding duration. Contraception Nov 2011; 84(5):499-504.
  • Chen BA, Reeves MF, Hayes JL, Hohmann HL, Perriera LK, Creinin MD. Postplacental or delayed insertion of the levonorgestrel intrauterine device after vaginal delivery: a randomized controlled trial. Obstet Gynecol 2010; 116(5):79-87.
  • Chen BA, Parviainen K, Jeyabalan A. Correlation of catheterized and clean catch urine protein/creatinine ratios in preeclampsia evaluation. Obstet Gynecol Sept 2008; 112(3): 606-610.
  • Chen BA, Reeves MF, Creinin MD, Gilles JM, Barnhart K, Westhoff C, Zhang J. Misoprostol for treatment of early pregnancy failure in women with previous uterine surgery. Am J Obstet Gynecol June 2008; 198(6): 626.e1-626.e5.
  • Chen BA and Creinin MD. Medical Management of Early Pregnancy Failure: Efficacy. Seminars in Reproductive Medicine 2008; 26(5): 411-422.

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Clinical trials

For information on current trials at the Center for Family Planning Research, see the clinical trials section of Center’s site.