December 13, 2018

Helen Fries has cared for patients at Magee-Womens Hospital as a nurse for over four decades. She makes a difference in the lives of women and families every day. She was drawn to Magee by fellow nurses who told her that it was a hospital that focused on patients. And not just treating them, but educating them and their families as well. Ever since Helen joined Magee, she has been dedicated to community outreach, patient and staff education, and bringing the Magee standard of care to women, families, and communities.

Earlier this year, Helen was honored with the DAISY Nurse Leader Award in recognition of her leadership, mentorship, and years of caring service. Not only has she been devoted to training and supporting nurses, patients, and the wider community, she has a deep personal connection to Magee: she met her husband and gave birth to two children at the hospital.

Helen also supports Magee-Womens Research Institute and Foundation, where we are leading breakthroughs in women’s wellness, women’s cancer and the health of newborns and their mothers. Her support, both financially and as a nurse on the front lines of patient care, has enabled us to advance life- and world-changing women’s health research.

You, too, can support a healthier future for women, children, and families this holiday season by giving to Magee-Womens.