Magee-Womens Research Institute Partners With Women’s Health Conversations.

“We are not uniformly destined to be victims of our genes and genetic disposition. My own research and the data behind the MWRI 9-90™ research initiative, demonstrate that we can control our health outcomes and the health of our children throughout our lives.” Vonda Wright, MD- Surgeon & WHC Founder

Women’s Health Conversations (WHC) ignited a national conversation on Women’s Health with the belief that today’s generation of women can transform our nation’s health for the betterment of all women and the world by transforming health, women transform our culture and economy.

The annual WHC conference and signature event series of more than 1000 women has grown into a lifestyle brand including community and corporate seminars, podcast series, books, and an online community reaching 6.8 million.

WHC now partners with MWRI to focus the attention of women on the research that can truly change the health of this country and world.  Supporting MWRI research will provide a better understanding of the “human blueprint” and potentially alter the trajectory of a person’s life by predicting and even changing the course of a multitude of health conditions. WHC believes we can prevent disease and human misery by the decisions we make everyday.

As the “Chief Health Officers” of the home, women are a powerful force in their own health and in the health of everyone they touch.  By partnering with MWRI, WHC puts women in a powerful position to change the health of generations to come.

“By partnering with Dr. Wright and WHC, we have access to a new, innovative channel to reach, educate and inform women both in our region and nationally about the generation-changing research of the Magee-Womens Research Institute.”  – Michael Annichine, CEO, MWRI Foundation

The 2016 WHC conference for influential non-medical women, set for November 3-5th at the August Wilson Center, Pittsburgh, PA and livestreamed nationwide, will feature highly credentialed nationally known speakers and forward thinking sponsors in vibrant conversations to equip women to fortify their bodies, build their brains, live the life they envision and make the best health choices.

Women attending the November event will have the opportunity to transform their own health and that of future generations by learning about the supporting the work of MWRI.

To register for the event, please visit womenshealthconversations.com406756