Magee Patient Expresses Gratitude for Care Received

I’ve received treatment at Magee on more than one occasion but never to have a child, which may make me unusual. First, I received breast cancer treatment at Magee, and then a knee replacement, and finally, I was treated by internal medicine doctors after my son brought me to Magee’s Emergency Department.

I had my first lumpectomy at a community hospital, but when my cancer was confirmed, I requested to move my care to Magee-Womens Hospital. When I came to Magee, I was seen by Dr. Ronald Johnson and immediately knew I was in capable hands. I loved that he was honest and straightforward, and he worked hard to make sure that I understood his plan for my care. He would draw the situation on a whiteboard and explain everything. More importantly, I could talk to him. When I told him that I wanted my second breast removed as a preventative measure, he told me, “You’re brilliant!” It made me feel supported and that I had a say in my own care. After that, I had my knee replaced by Dr. Anthony DeGioia. He was exceptional, too.

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In 2014, when my health took a turn for the worse, my son, Jon, drove me from my home in Washington County to the Emergency Department at Magee, because we have come to trust the hospital. I was put in the care of Dr. Robert Bernstein in Internal Medicine, and he saved my life! He built up my strength, so I could undergo surgery. He was always willing to pull up a chair, make small talk, and let me know that he cared. My surgery came after seven weeks of inpatient care, and it was performed by Dr. Anita Courcoulas. I loved her as well, because she made me feel like she had all the time in the world to answer my questions and explain what she would be doing. Her whole team was excellent.

Almost a year to the date after being discharged from Magee, I returned for the birth of my granddaughter, Avery. Though I did not have any of my five children at Magee, seven of my grandchildren were born here. Avery is Jon’s daughter, and I think it is says a lot about his experience while helping me through treatment that he and his wife chose Magee for the most important day of their life.