AHA “Go Red” for Women Strategically Focused Research Network Center

The Magee-Womens Research Institute, University of Pittsburgh, and the American Heart Association Strategically Focused Women’s Cardiovascular Health Research Center focuses on microvascular responses to the stress of pregnancy and placenta-related pregnancy disorders, which inform later life cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Pregnancy is a complex stressor for women and complications such as preeclampsia have been associated with increased future CVD risk. Abnormal placental and maternal microvascular responses to pregnancy may unmask vascular risk and provide early insights into pathways for the development of CVD. Our Center aims to do the following:

This research will generate insight into common mechanisms for vascular and placental pathology, and how pregnancy-related signals might be used to identify women at increased CVD risk later in life.

We have developed three synergistic research projects under our collective heading, Women’s Cardiovascular Health and Microvascular Mechanisms: Novel Insights from Pregnancy:

For more information please visit our website: http://go-red-research.com