Our Commitment

The mission of the Division of Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery is to advance the quality of life of women with pelvic floor disorders through comprehensive clinical care, education and research into prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Female pelvic floor disorders are often misunderstood and too often go unrecognized by medical professionals. While a wide range of therapies are currently available, most women do not seek treatment, especially for incontinence, because they consider it a normal part of aging. Embarrassment may also lead many women to hide their incontinence from both doctors and family.

It is estimated that as many as 40% of women over the age of 60 have urinary incontinence; however, because of lack of awareness, many are underdiagnosed and underreported. The problem is compounded by a limited knowledge amongst medical professionals that the causes and treatment strategies for pelvic floor disorders are gender specific!

We are committed to educating women and medical professionals about female pelvic floor disorders. As part of this mission we aim to:

  • Conduct research studies that will determine the most effective treatments for women with pelvic floor disorders such as prolapse and incontinence as well as the optimal treatments for special populations.
  • Critically review the value of diagnostic testing used in the evaluation of women with
    pelvic floor disorders.
  • Educate medical professionals on the most effective therapies.  Conduct research studies that look at the quality of life of the women who suffer from pelvic floor disorders.
  • Educate women about female pelvic floor disorders so that they can manage these
    conditions without embarrassment or shame and seek treatment in an informed manner.
  • Investigate aspects of the childbirth experience for risks that may lead to future pelvic organ dysfunction.
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