Improve the quality of life for boys, girls, men, and women

Our Promise

The Fertility Preservation in Pittsburgh (FPP) program promises to be one of the most comprehensive fertility preservation centers in the U.S. and a key referral destination for cancer patients seeking to preserve their future fertility.

How You Can Help

As the program advances, additional resources are needed that will change the future medical landscape of fertility for cancer patients. Resources needed include:

  • Research: Lab equipment and staff as needed for additional studies on
    preservation methods and techniques.
  • Patient Care: Assist patients with expenses not covered by insurance so that every cancer patient has an opportunity to participate if they wish. Provide educational materials for patients and their families.
  • Education: Help to enhance the skills of research and clinical staff in training in the field of fertility preservation. Also help to bring community awareness of the FPP program.

To discuss supporting the FPP, please contact Colleen Gaughan of Magee-Womens Foundation at 412-641-8978 or