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Splatter Me Crazy: An Artistic Event Series Benefiting MWRI

By: Faith Jeffcoat


The sound of paint hitting clothing precedes peals of laughter, as participants line up to take turns splattering paint on the honored guests of the evening.

At a Splatter Me Crazy event, this scene is a typical one. During the festivities, Dominique Murray and local Pittsburgh celebrities transform into living canvases, all in support of a worthy cause — one of them being the largest women’s health research institute in the country, right in their own backyard.

The Origin of Splatter Me Crazy

Dominique’s artistic roots trace back to her college days at Robert Morris University, where she studied fine arts and photography. For her senior project, Dominique created a gallery filled with splattered, painted portraits. Each portrait depicted individuals donning matching outfits, wigs, and makeup, while immersed in vibrant backdrops and interacting with colorful candies.

After showcasing her senior project, Dominique’s work captured the attention of fellow female entrepreneurs, and the idea to turn her project into an event series took root. In 2019, Splatter Me Crazy was born.

Dominique's Charitable Trifecta

With a desire to give back to the community, Dominique chose three meaningful causes to support through Splatter Me Crazy events: Magee-Womens Research Institute & Foundation (MWRIF), The Magic Yarn Project, and the Western PA Bleeding Disorder Foundation.

Dominique’s support for MWRIF stems from her personal connection to breast cancer. Having witnessed her grandmother’s battle with the disease, she is a passionate advocate for finding a cure.

“I wanted to pick somewhere I knew the money would be used for something meaningful — an organization actually doing breast cancer research and looking for a cure. When I got connected with MWRIF, I saw what a powerful institution it was,” Dominique says. “As a female business owner, it is empowering to donate to an organization dedicated to advancing women’s health.”

A Community United for a Common Purpose

Participants of all ages and backgrounds come together, donning white outfits and protective gear, to splatter paint. Admission fees, paint cup sales, and additional donations contribute to the money raised, where 100% of the proceeds are given to Dominique’s three dedicated charities. The 2022 event featured a range of activities such as spin art, photo booths, and vendor tables showcasing local businesses. Celebrity guest appearances, like acclaimed Pittsburgh photographer Dave DiCello, add star power to the festivities.

When asked what advice she has for anyone on transforming their passion into meaningful ways to give back, Dominique says, “If you can dream it, if you have an idea, you can make it come to life.”

Within any passion or spark of creativity lies the ability to make a difference — to effect change — even just one splatter at a time.

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