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Researcher Stories

Finding Comfort in the Familiar: A look at how diversity improves the care experience

“I think both Magee hospital and MageeWomens Research Institute are working hard to get this kind of diversity.”

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MWRI Researcher Maisa Feghali Studies New Drugs, Treatment Strategies for Women with Diabetes

“You can manage diabetes and have a healthy pregnancy – it just takes a little more work,” she said. “The work is worth it.”

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Partnership brings heart health research where it’s needed: the community

““We really found opportunities to build on the strength of the partnership and make the changes that were needed to continue to do the work, despite the environment,””

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‘Breast cancer is our passion:’ Husband and wife deliver a one-two scientific punch

“All we want is to make progress as fast as possible. All we care about is curing breast cancer.”

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Dr. Judy Chang: Research aims to help domestic violence survivors during the pandemic

“I don’t think we’re ever going to not have telemedicine, it’s become a huge part of how we’re going to deliver health care moving forward.”

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Could COVID-19 Impact Male Fertility? MWRI Researcher is Investigating

“This will be the first stone in the foundation”

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Sidebar: What can blood pressure teach us about women’s No. 1 killer?

“Here at Magee, we’re saying, ‘We can study women across the lifespan. These small differences now can accrue to have really important, significant impacts on health in the long run.”

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The Ripple Effect: Donor, Patients Create Momentum in Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trials

“They had one main goal: to generate the data that would support the clinical trial”

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Dr. Janet Catov: The MOMI Database - Better information leads to better intervention, healthier women, and healthier families

“At the end of the day, what we’re after is really about improving health. That’s the passion behind this, and that’s the target.”

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