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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates: A Message for our Magee community

Researcher Stories

Photo or researcher pointing at computer screen.

Could COVID-19 Impact Male Fertility? MWRI Researcher is Investigating

The Ripple Effect: Donor, Patients Create Momentum in Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trials

Dr. Janet Catov: The MOMI Database - Better information leads to better intervention, healthier women, and healthier families

Dr. Sravan Patel: Beyond the cutting edge - Research targets diagnostic, medical treatment for endometriosis

Dr. Lisa Rohan: What Women Want

Dr. Halina Zyczynski: Pioneering Treatments for Pelvic Floor Disorders

Dr. Halina Zyczynski: Addressing Health Challenges for Women of Every Age

Dr. Sharon Hillier: Normalizing the Language of Sex

Dr. Sharon Hillier: Empowering Women in the Developing World

Dr. Sharon Hillier: Fighting for Research on Medications Used During Pregnancy

Dr. David Peters: Harnessing DNA to Improve Clinical Treatment and Care

Dr. David Peters: Developing Prenatal Tests that are Safer, Less Invasive

Dr. Judith Yanowitz: Understanding the Environment’s Impact on Health

Dr. Judith Yanowitz: Studying Meiosis and its link to fertility

Dr. Kyle Orwig: Preserving Fertility of Cancer Patients

Dr. Ron Buckanovich: Getting to the Root of Ovarian Cancer

Dr. Ron Buckanovich: Building a Better Model for Clinical Trial Testing

Dr. Yoel Sadovsky: Studying the Placenta to Predict Fetal Development

Dr. Yoel Sadovsky: Improving our Understanding of Birth Complications

Dr. Mary Ackenbom: Promoting Post-Surgical Wellness

Sidebar: What can blood pressure teach us about women’s No. 1 killer?