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Core Facilities

A reseacher using a confocal microscope.

Our cores leverage our collective knowledge and expertise to spark innovation and push research forward. They give our researchers—and those in the wider scientific community—access to state-of-the art instrumentation and technologies for their basic, translational, and clinical research. To learn more about our cores and how to utilize them, visit the core pages below.

Core Facilities

Magee Obstetric Maternal & Infant (MOMI) Database and Biobank

The MOMI Database is an electronic database of over 190,000 deliveries at UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital since 1995. It is linked to the MOMI Biobank, a biorepository being used to track risk factors for infant mortality and for other research initiatives in women’s, maternal, and infant health.

Histology and Microimaging Core (HMC)

This core provides investigators with high quality, rapid tissue processing and imaging services, and takes a “tissue to image” approach that allows investigators to request services, drop off samples, and receive images and analyses of their processed samples according to their needs.

Genome Editing, Transgenic, and Virus (GETV) Core

This core provides leadership, technical expertise, advice, and training for investigators in three functional sections: molecular cloning, viral vectors, and animal services.

Cell Cytometry and Sorting Core

This core provides the latest technology for cutting-edge flow cytometry research and assists researchers in simultaneous, rapid examination of diverse individual cell types within a population of cells suspended in fluid.

Confocal Microscope Core

Equipped with a Nikon A1R confocal microscope with resonant scanning capability and offline Volocity imaging software, this core can meet imaging needs from single plane acquisition, to Z-stacks and 3D reconstruction, to live imaging on slides or in tissue culture dishes.

Clinical & Translational Research Center

This core is an outpatient facility equipped to support a wide range of clinical and translational research, including an array of pregnancy, family planning, maternal-fetal, postpartum, infectious disease, and bariatric medicine research opportunities.


We are building the next generation of women’s health scientists through programs for all levels of academic development.

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Research Centers

Dedicated to solving real-world problems, our research centers support collaboration among specialized researchers.

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Research Events

Magee-Womens Research Institute is host to meetings and events throughout the year, including regular open seminars.

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Our Investigators

The scientists who call Magee-Womens Research Institute home are among the greatest of today’s minds in women’s health.

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