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Patient Stories

Photo of a newborn baby's feet cradled in a mothers hands.

Mesh surgery to solve decades of incontinence is ‘life-changing’

After a Decade of Disabling Pain, Young Woman Finds New Lease on Life with Magee Physician

Ending a Pattern of Prematurity

Fertility surgery offers hope to 7-year-old battling brain tumor

As 10-year-old stares down leukemia, procedure fights to preserve his future ability to have children

Grateful Patient News Story: Nancy Growall

Never Losing Hope: Ovarian Cancer Survivor Shares Her Story

Prematurity Month: A Story of Hope

Two lives at risk even before they are born.

Sometimes the Littlest Heroes Have the Most Fight in Them

Thankful for the Magee Experience: One Mother’s Pregnancy Journey

Prematurity Awareness Month: A NICU Mom’s Experience

Megan’s Story

Doctors Day 2019: Susan’s Story