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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates: A Message for our Magee community

Researcher Stories

Dr. Ron Buckanovich: Building a Better Model for Clinical Trial Testing

“Cancer always parallels normal biology; it’s just a criminalized version of the system.”

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Dr. Yoel Sadovsky: Improving our Understanding of Birth Complications

“It all begins with pregnancy. The intersect between the placenta, the fetus, and the mother is the very beginning of inferences that shape human evolution.”

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Dr. Nicole Donnellan: Eliminating the Mystery in Diagnosing Endometriosis

“If we can establish screening mechanisms for early detection, it would allow primary care doctors to refer patients directly to an endometriosis specialist.”

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Dr. Yoel Sadovsky: Studying the Placenta to Predict Fetal Development

“By better understanding how [the placenta] functions, we can better define the normal trajectory of health and development of the human fetus.”

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Dr. Ron Buckanovich: Getting to the Root of Ovarian Cancer

“We think by using human tissue around the tumor in a mouse, that will change the paradigm of how we screen drugs. When you grow a human tumor in human tissue, it is much more resistant to most of those therapies.”

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Dr. Kyle Orwig: Preserving Fertility of Cancer Patients

“I think our job as educators is to get people to think beyond the boundaries about what reproductive medicine could look like tomorrow.”

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Dr. Judith Yanowitz: Studying Meiosis and its link to fertility

“Having a healthy egg isn’t just about a healthy egg,” It’s about a healthy 90-year-old woman. What we as women provide into our developing eggs influences not just a happy, healthy baby being born, but a baby that has a long-term prognosis for health.”

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Dr. Sharon Hillier: Empowering Women in the Developing World

“Our work is really trying to even the playing field — to give ALL women tools they control, that they use, that can empower them to take care of themselves.”

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Dr. Judith Yanowitz: Understanding the Environment’s Impact on Health

“It’s incredibly scary to realize that our germ cells are that sensitive to these exposures. But it’s more scary to think that we may have exposures today that aren’t impacting the fertility of our sons and daughters, but rather impacting our grandchildren’s ability to have children.”

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