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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates: A Message for our Magee community

Patient Stories

Pallavi Tiwari
A Common Infection, A New Mom and the Fight of a Lifetime

“As a new mom, you sometimes feel like you have to put your own recovery aside for the needs of your newborn. But you matter – your recovery matters.”

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Megan’s Story

“I will forever be grateful for the peace of mind that Magee gave me, and the knowledge that the trials that I faced would be used to improve diagnosis and treatment for future patients”

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Maria Karous
Mesh Surgery to Solve Decades of Incontinence Is ‘Life-changing’

“There was such a great freedom, knowing I didn’t have to use pads, that I had control.”

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Riley Balcita
As 10-year-old Stares Down Leukemia, Procedure Fights to Preserve His Future Ability to Have Children

“I never really knew anybody who had cancer. So this was a whole different realm.”

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Jocelyn Park
Prematurity Month: A story of hope

“[My daughter] was discharged the day before Mother’s Day and a few days before my birthday. It was a wonderful gift.”

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Jan Stojanovic
Never Losing Hope: Ovarian cancer survivor shares her story

“This doesn't have to be a death sentence. Treatment is difficult, but you need to have faith that what's being done will help you over this hurdle.”

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Nancy Growall
Grateful Patient News Story: Nancy Growall

“When I told [Dr. Ronald Johnson] that I wanted my second breast removed as a preventative measure, he told me, 'You’re brilliant!' It made me feel supported and that I had a say in my own care.”

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Kelly Finley
Two Lives at Risk Even Before They Are Born

“When we heard both of their heartbeats after the surgery, I just thought to myself, I’m going to raise these two little fighters.”

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Frankie Knowles
Fertility Surgery Offers Hope to 7-year-old Battling Brain Tumor

“We want to think about Frankie not only as he is now, but as he will be when he is an adult.”

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