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Patient Stories

Hilary Flint
After a Decade of Disabling Pain, Young Woman Finds New Lease on Life with Magee Physician

“I’d been asking for help for a decade by the time I met Dr. Donnellan, but she was the first person who actually heard me.”

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Doctors Day 2019: Susan’s story

“From my first exam, through surgery and the treatments that followed, my Magee team was a source of compassion, acceptance and understanding.”

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Becky Leon
Thankful for the Magee Experience: One mother’s pregnancy journey

“I was confident the entire time that I was receiving the best care possible, and that allowed me to focus on my health and the health of my baby.”

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Prematurity Awareness Month: A NICU mom’s experience

“One year later we feel grateful for our son and grateful for the care we received at Magee.”

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Elora Price
Sometimes the Littlest Heroes Have the Most Fight in Them

“Thank you to all of Elora’s nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, PAs, NPs and all other staff for being there for her. And thank you for being there for me, to help celebrate in all of her victories and to help me through the bad days.”

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