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Our Investigators

Photo of Janet Catov in front of a white board.


The scientists who call Magee-Womens Research Institute home are among the greatest established and up-and-coming minds in women’s health. Although they could practice anywhere, they chose Magee because of its unparalleled ecosystem of discovery, translating research to practice and informing scientific inquiry with the patient experience.

Photo of Thomas Hooven, MD
Thomas Hooven, MD View Bio
Photo of Carl A. Hubel, PhD
Carl A. Hubel, PhD View Bio
Photo of Arun Jeyabalan, MD
Arun Jeyabalan, MD View Bio
Photo of Valerian Kagan, PhD, DSc
Valerian Kagan, PhD, DSc View Bio
Photo of Agnes Koczo, MD
Agnes Koczo, MD View Bio
Photo of Elizabeth E. Krans, MD, MSc
Elizabeth E. Krans, MD, MSc View Bio
Photo of Tamar Krishnamurti, PhD
Tamar Krishnamurti, PhD View Bio
Photo of Jacob Larkin, MD
Jacob Larkin, MD View Bio
Photo of Adrian Lee, PhD
Adrian Lee, PhD View Bio
Photo of Lara Lemon, PhD
Lara Lemon, PhD View Bio
Photo of Michele Levine, PhD
Michele Levine, PhD View Bio
Photo of Mellissa RW Mann, PhD
Mellissa RW Mann, PhD View Bio

We are building the next generation of women’s health scientists through programs for all levels of academic development.

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Research Centers

Dedicated to solving real-world problems, our research centers support collaboration among specialized researchers.

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Core Facilities

Our core facilities offer investigators state-of-the-art technologies for basic, translational, and clinical research.

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Research Events

Magee-Womens Research Institute is host to meetings and events throughout the year, including regular open seminars.

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